Jesus Christ Is No Saviour of People

The fact is that Jesus Christ was an invention of Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD. He is 666 in Revelation 13:12-18 and he manipulated and murdered his way to sole rule over a greatly diversified and huge empire. What he put in place was a continuation of the religion of Babylon – Islam. Its chief god was Mary, the sun, and he put Mary in the Church as the Mother of God, and for that he needed her so-called son of God.His aim was to have the god of the people appear to give him credibility for what he had done. The people he murdered on his way to the top included even his eldest son, Crispus. He had been appointed a Caesar by his father to help kill off Licinius and his entire family and army.Constantine was certainly no saint but the second beast of Revelation 13 and he still rules over the World Order by the power he put in place. The Roman Empire is the starting point of modern faiths and the system of government for most nations and this man is the author of them.He had no sense of spirituality and certainly was not one who believed in a higher power. In his eyes he was the god and what he wanted others to see was they their gods were able to be manipulated and killed. This is something that the followers of the New Testament can’t see through. If Jesus Christ had any power would those who pray to him and follow the teachings marked down as those he gave suffer.Around the world people of all religious convictions are suffering. It is in the form of wars, starvation, climate change, rising sea levels, tsunamis, earthquakes, and disease, that is to say nothing of drugs and other things that are destroying communities. There is no Savior there and yet it’s in places where the biggest churches, temples and mosques are found.

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